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We see most recruiting services as just providing a reactive service acting as a "middleman" where eScout4u provides a proactive service sending/delivering you directly to all coaches, staff and recruiters nationwide in your sport, a no middleman method.

    My middleman point is, if you are using or considering other recruiting services look up a profile. Test it yourself. Do you see any contact information? If No, then the coach must login to the recruiting service software/database, alerting the service that this coach is looking for a linebacker (example). Since the service makes it brownie points by getting good athletes to coaches they might and probably do send all other linebackers to that coach.

    Believe what you see not what you hear. Take our free test drive (you don't have to talk to a salesman with eScout4u to do so) then do theirs. Oh, they don't have one. Take ours anyway.

    In fact most other scholarship recruiting services may tout they have connections with coaches as their selling point. The truth in number 8 above, not some recruiting service will decide. That is why we made it impossible for eScout4u to act as a "middleman".

    We are not concerned about making brownie points with a coach, we work for the athlete and parents.

    In the defense of some recruiting services, some tout that will send you information to x number of coaches. So let's say that number is 50 or even 200. Referring back to point #1 above is why we want you to send your Web Page Profile™ to all college coaches, staff and recruiters nationwide. 50 to 200 football chances with a middleman (other services) or over 5200 football chances without middleman (eScout4u). Why would you do anything else?

    Also, at the time of this writing, Jan 2017, our success rate is right at 98%.

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Do it yourself college scholarship recruiting vs. use a recruiting service

Recruiting services will increase your chances over a do it yourself (DIY) football scholarship recruiting. There is a lot of knowledge, tips and tricks that make you stand out above others. read more....

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