Wrestling highlight videos, key element in scholarship recruiting. How many will see yours?

How are you going to get wrestling colleges coaches to look at your highlight video? Times have changed, like texting friends or family, if you don't text then your out. Recruiting has changes as well. Coaches don't go to many high schools (exception Community colleges) so you need to reach out to wrestling college coaches to get noticed.

This is big so let's review some options so you can make the best choice.

1) Put them on YouTube and send an email to wrestling college coaches with a hyperlink in them.

Biggest problems here. You have to find out the wrestling coaches email address. You odds drop to 1 or 2% because you pick based upon schools you like or nearest to you and they might not even need to fill your position.

Plus you didn't send to a school that really was wanting to fill your position or some one with your talent. Remember previous email about position planning boards or refresh your memory with our wrestling example even though all coaches in all sports use them.  

Remember a wrestling college coach will stick with an wrestling athlete they trained (redshirt on team now) over you. A possible exception, you are a Blue-chip player like Michael Oher (Blindside movie).  Since it is nearly impossible for you to even get the majority of wrestling coaches across the US.

2) Make up CD's or DVD's and take to camps with you or mail them to wrestling coaches.

Problem here is like #1 above, not enough or sent to the wrong schools.

3) Put them on some recruiting web site hoping a wrestling coach will find them.

Websites that require a coach to login, Hudl included. Think, what are the chances of a wrestling coach finding you out of the this years new crop of 1,000,000 athletes. 

If you were a wrestling coach how many login passwords would you want to keep and use, what a pain. How many passwords can you remember?

If you stop and think about this method there are a lot more problems that can ruin your chances.

4) Use Hudl if your wrestling with all your other teammates and all the other athletes from every high school that uses Hudl.

Problem here is like #3 above.

5) Have the wrestling college coach watch them on their smart phone, without going to some web site that requires them to login.

The best method by far. But how?

eScout4u is the only recruiting service that can deliver you right to the wrestling coach (no web site login and look up required) plus much more. We experienced all the illusions listed above and created a solution (as of Jan 2017 a 98% success rate) that works. After all what you want is results. Login and read everything, your success may depend on it.

Think like a wrestling college coach™ topic! What would you do?

If you were a wrestling college coach you would look at every wrestling athlete that contacted your school. After all the could be a walk on and bring revenue to your school. You would be less likely to go login to a website to search for wrestling athletes. Plus how many password s could you remember or want to keep.

Athltes, cover all your bases, athletically and academically. Parents, you can be a big help now

    Again, print, share and discuss between parents and athlete! Use the information to plan your recruiting strategy.

    If you disagree or have other facts then email us. Thanks

Action needed on your part

Just as your success came by learning every aspect of your sport, it is equally important you learn about the recruiting process to be successful! read more...

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