Think like a wrestling college coach™

Think like a wrestling college coach™ is a series of tips and articles created by eScout4u to help you understand the wrestling recruiting process from the other side of the table. So put yourself in a college wrestling coach's position (its "I" not "you"), read this like your a coach and wrote it, so let's live in a coach's world for a bit.

  1. My job depends on me winning, after all, that is what I get paid for. I have to constantly evaluate my wrestling team's performance and make adjustments accordingly. I would be foolish for me to tell anyone what my wants and need are. If that got out other coaches from competing wrestling teams could benefit. After all, I study my competition all the time like preparing for battle. Maybe slightly over stated but you would do the same thing to win.
  2. Where would I look for wrestling talent? I only have so much time and money to recruit the best wrestling athletes.
    1. Web sites, depends, if every coach can see the same athletes (websites) I see then what is the chance that I would get the wrestling athlete I want so what is the point. Plus this will take a lot of time to find phone numbers and other contact information. Most make me login and that's a pain keeping track of passwords. A long drawn out process.
    2. Camps and combines, not bad and it brings revenue for my school and really helps wrestling athlete's skill sets. It also serves to train my new associate coaches.  But, it gives me such a small slice of available wrestling talent because they are all local and my team is made from talent all over. Plus they still have to evaluate / rate/ score my main wrestling recruit prospects.
  3. Athletes that approach me.
    1. Athletes that send me highlight videos.  These must really want to attend our college since they took the time to reach me. This is easy on me, no login passwords or competing schools.
    2. These wrestling athletes always get a review. The move to the top of my review list but I still have to evaluate / rate/ score them and see if they make it to my position planning board.
  4. Athletes from recruiting services
    1. Lists sent by recruiting services. I wonder how many other wrestling coaches get the same list since they are trying to sell me these athletes? Again I have to login to retrieve contact information and the password pain.
    2. These recruiting service guys call me a refer athletes thinking they know what I want. They are only guessing and I may or may not give the wrestling athlete a look.
    3. I don't tell these recruiting guys my wrestling scoring / rating method or my position planning board because this is my job security, the tools I win with. To protect something, you don't tell anyone. Don't think for a minute I want other wrestling colleges talking to my main prospects.
  5. Video highlights are great. Now I can see more wrestling athletes since I don't have to travel as much. Gives me  more time to consider and contact prospective wrestling recruits.
  6. Evaluate / Scoring / rating wrestling recruit athletes is very important to me because I have to have my way to gages who will or won't work for me.
  7. Position planning board is my confidential go to map of the next 4 years. Those wrestling athletes that scored / rated good go here for future consideration. If this was leaked other wrestling colleges would scurry to see what I saw in a particular wrestling athlete and that is not good for me. Some will go on, move up or down or completely off depending on who I find when and where.
  8. Filling my wrestling roster
    1. Just because I talk to you doesn't mean you will get a wrestling scholarship.
    2. I evaluate / rate/ score wrestling athletes and if good enough and I need a spot filled  I put them on my position planning board.
    3. I will use my redshirts before I will fill a position with a graduating senior. I have worked a year with that redshirt and they know what we do and how we do it. The exception a rare outstanding wrestling athlete.
    4. This is difficult at times because wrestling athletes on my position planning board my sign with another college or be a no show.
    5. Letter of intent on signing days is a big day for me. Just like the NFL draft I get to look at my new wrestling team for the first time.
  9. The schools I compete against sometimes want the same wrestling athletes I want. Again I may not get them on signing day so I revert to next athlete in line on my position planning board.
  10. Position already filled. I usually can't tell a wrestling parent or athlete since I guard my evaluation / rating / score methods and my position planning board. I refrain from lying to them but they can think what ever they want. Most are within a 2 hour drive and if they are really good and I am quiet about it they may not approach my competitors. I am protecting my job by winning. We see a lot of hopeful wrestling athletes that want to be recruited for a wrestling scholarship.
  11. Walk on wrestling athletes are always good. These athletes want to be on my team. They are not my first choice but they want a chance to prove themselves. They will get a chance to practice with the team but they have to earn a spot like everyone else.
  12. Deciding factors, one or the other. To those who think they know what goes on inside my head forget it. Things change for whatever reason from time to time, I have to cope and make wrestling decisions accordingly. I won't take the time to keep outsiders abreast of my current wrestling status and I wouldn't tell them anyway.
  13. My word of advise to all athletes who desire a athletic wrestling scholarship. Contact me personally with your information. I won't have the time to meet with every wrestling athlete but you can email me. Don't expect a reply from me because of the rules I have to follow and will only contact you when necessary so we don't waste each others time.  After all, it will be you and I who will makes the final decision.

Think like other parents and athletes! What would you do?

From the view of others. Things to consider.

OK we are not a college wrestling coach anymore so lets look at reality from what we just read.
Athletes and parents, rightfully so, are excited when a college wrestling coach talks to them or they get an invitation to an wrestling event. Important!!! It is just a look, nothing more at this time.

Don't put your eggs in one basket. Seek out other wrestling coaches, the greater the number the greater the chances. So now you have to figure out the most cost effective way that produces results to get in front of college coaches.

Beware of those who tell you they have an "in" or "connection" with wrestling coaches or something similar to that. It's just a sales pitch. There are over 36,000 coaches, staff and recruiters and there is no way anyone could possibly know or would know (coaches protecting their needs).

What you need is to get noticed by college wrestling coaches to begin to have a chance since you will never get a wrestling scholarship from someone who doesn't know you exist. Log in and eScout4u will tell you how many wrestling coaches we can get you in front of and how we roll.

    Again, print, share and discuss between parents and athlete! Use the information to plan your recruiting strategy.

    If you disagree or have other facts then email us. Thanks

Action needed on your part

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