How to get recruited for a college wrestling scholarship?

We have the answers you're looking for but you have to read or call us. You may not like the answers but. those who pay attention and adjust accordingly to weak areas of their recruiting process will have a much greater chance of getting a college wrestling scholarship. Don't expect or settle for a simple answer to college scholarship recruiting questions.

You are here because you have questions. Been in your shoes and asked everyone one I could find including high school wrestling coach, trainers, club coaches, parents at camps or combines, college coaches. Well in short, anyone who would listen. This is why we, out of frustration and from experience, created eScout4u.

First let's briefly review questions we hear the most;

  1. Am I a D1 (NCAA division 1) candidate?
  2. Can you evaluate my highlight videos?
  3. How to get recruited for college wrestling?
  4. How to get a college wrestling scholarship?
  5. How to get recruited by college wrestling coaches?
  6. How to get a D1 (division 1) wrestling scholarship?
  7. Can you get a wrestling scholarship your junior or senior year?
  8. What are the chances of getting a wrestling scholarship?
  9. What do D1 (NCAA division 1) wrestling coaches look for in wrestling players?
  10. How do I get recruited for college wrestling?
  11. How to get college wrestling coaches to notice you?
  12. Colleges with wrestling scholarships?
  13. High school sports / wrestling recruiting services their sites or websites?
  14. Where can I find the college wrestling recruiting process?
  15. How to get looked at or noticed by college wrestling coaches?
  16. How does college wrestling recruiting work?
  17. What is the difference between recruiting services / web sites?

Important! Don't ignore the rest.

After listening to countless parents and athletes, being where you are now, complying with NCAA and NAIA eligibility requirements including ACT and core classes, Attending accolade ceremonies, attending all star games, going on official and un-official visits, meetings with college coaches, getting verbal scholarship offers including 2 NLI (national letters of intent)  this is our observations, the keys to successful wrestling scholarship recruiting.

  1. The common goal is an athletic scholarship but first you have to be recruited by a college wrestling coach. A lot will happen between now and then. So let's get started.
  2. Just as your success came by learning every aspect of wrestling it is equally important you read and learn about the wrestling recruiting process to be successful!
  3. Rely on yourself not others to help you get recruited to next level, college wrestling. Even though everyone might tell say "you don't need a recruiting service" they are wrong if you want to get a NCAA or NAIA wrestling scholarship. Do not let them mislead you, after all your goal (not theirs) is to get as close to that NCAA D1 full ride scholarship that could be worth up to $250,000, yes that is a quarter million dollars! If you want to get recruited for a wrestling scholarship you have to get noticed by college coaches and the people telling you what not to do don't have a better effective plan.
    1. Which remind me of a story I read a long time ago. A tourist walked up to a crab fisherman unloading baskets full of crab on the dock. The tourist asked the fisherman "those basket have no lids, aren't you afraid they will get out?". The fisherman replied "No, every time one gets close to the top another on will reach up and pull them back". 
    2. Don't listen to inexperienced people around you. Listen to those who have done it for years and helped thousands, not just a handful each year. It's your money, they have nothing to lose!
  4. We hear about miscommunications between the athlete or parent on important recruiting matters. The best way to avoid or end this is for both the athlete and the parents to talk regularly without distractions.
  5. Parents, athlete discuss together the content of eScout4u web pages and emails we send.
  6. By discussing topics between yourselves, everyone will better understand the college scholarship recruiting process. 
  7. Athletes. discuss the importance to your position as an athlete. Parents, discuss your position as a parent. You may not always agree but you must agree on the next step and how to move forward.
  8. Support one another. Weigh out all pros and cons to one another. If there is a will, there is a way to play at the college level.
  9. This is so important in the quest for a athletic scholarship which can pay big in scholarship money.
  10.  This means that you must read all the scholarship recruiting topics about recruiting, the unspoken recruiting facts, why people fail, how to select a recruiting service and everything else you can. Goal - close to a full ride scholarship as possible.
  11. Again, print, share and discuss between parents and athlete! Use the information to plan your recruiting strategy.

    If you disagree or have other facts then email us. Thanks

Action needed on your part

Just as your success came by learning every aspect of your sport, it is equally important you learn about the recruiting process to be successful! read more...

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How to get noticed by college coaches
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