How can you prove a recruiting service you pay actually does or did something for you

Who is the best? Will you get proof? Depends on the recruiting service. With some it would be very difficult even if you can. We advise to compare before you spend your money. There are a lot of differences between services. Do they help? Can you prove they even did anything?

Is it worth the money to use a recruiting service? I think you will find that a few work.

Calculate the "cost per football coach" and most importantly determine the "effectiveness" of the service's presentation of your athletic football abilities (stats, highlights videos, contact information and more). How easy is it for the football coach to see your resume? Are you delivered to the football coach or does the coach have to look you up? Will the football coach only see you (one-on-one) or will they have access to all other football athletes like you to review lessening your chances?

Know the unspoken recruiting facts (button above) the help guide you.  What matters most to you is, how and how often do they get you in front football coaches? How many football coaches do they take you to? Logically your odds dramatically increase if you get in front of thousands of college football coaches instead of 10 to 50.


eScout4uaddressed all the concerns football parents and athletes had and solved them with innovative technology we have developed one the last 36 years. Like with eBay, Amazon or all other on-line shopping eScout4u has no salespeople / scouts bugging you. We provide your selection, proof of order, creation and shipping and so on. However, like others, we are there to answer questions and guide you as you go through your football recruiting process.

With eScout4uyou have proof you need on what we say gets done because 1) we work with you to perfect your own football personal web page (not just a screen with your football info slapped on it) 2) you proof the final version 3) you send it via our "You Pick Search™". What better proof is there?

Let's go one better since there are football coaches to athlete contact restrictions' that many apply to you. No problem, we can tell you how many football coaches actually looked at what you sent. Additional proof we provide.

On top of that we provide a library of important follow-up letters you can send to football coaches via our "You Pick Search™" and again how many looked at them. More proof.
With eScout4u you know exactly (documented where you log in);

  1. What we provide and do is in our agreement with you. You can print a hard copy.
  2. How we help you up front, step by step. Just login and walk though the steps
  3. How many football coaches, staff and recruiters per sport

eScout4u is the only service that lets you "test drive" our system before you buy.
Our cost per football coach contact can't be beat by anyone giving you more college coach exposure for you money.

Proof from other recruiting services

Better to ask them yourself. Most parents and athletes say they can login to certain recruiting services websites (names withheld) and see a list of football schools that are supposedly interested in them. The problem is when they call those schools no one there ever heard of them.

My point from unspoken recruiting facts (click button above) is you may just miss an football scholarship opportunity based upon what they don't do for you.

Beware of high pressure recruiting service football scouts (parents tell me their really salespeople) who want to evaluate you and then do what ever they do.

To me if someone is trying to sell you something they are a salesman (maybe even on commission)

Everyone shops for the best deal to get the most value / results for their hard earned dollars. Well maybe the rick don't care. But for most, we shop.

If they do get you on the phone with their meet with  parents "evaluation" sales pitch then be ready to ask questions. Don't succumb to sales pitches like "you need to make a decision now" or the pitch "you can get your money back".

Granted, football coaches have rules on the times they can contact you.

Question to ask football sales scouts;

  1. How can I prove you did anything or not? If yes, How can I do it? Email me how.
  2. If they brag about how many football coaches they know, ask "The football scholarship decision is made only by the college football coach, right?"
  3. Explain your football evaluation / scoring / rating process?
  4. Do you group me with other football athletes and send to coaches? If No, how can I be sure you don't?
  5. Can you send an email stating exactly what you do for us and when exactly does this happen and the cost. Then tell them you will review and get back to them.

Think like a football college coach™ topic! What would you do?

If you were a college coach you would look at any athlete that came your way. You wouldn't take an athlete from a recruiting service over any other athlete because you will score / rate/ evaluate each athlete and determine if they will go on your position planning board.

Athletes, cover all your bases, athletically and academically. Parents, you can be a big help now.

    Again, print, share and discuss between parents and athlete! Use the information to plan your recruiting strategy.

    If you disagree or have other facts then email us. Thanks

Action needed on your part

Just as your success came by learning every aspect of your sport, it is equally important you learn about the recruiting process to be successful! read more...

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