How to make great football highlight videos

Let me start by saying football videos is near the top of the list required for football scholarship recruiting right their with academics. Make them count while setting you apart from other football athletes.

Junior year video. Get them to college football coaches before September 1st!!!! Get on their radar. eScout4u has an underclass bonus that will do just that. Log in and read about it.

Take you own football video. This way you can video drills as well. Why is this the best method? For one you don't have to wait to see what you did. Plus it was easier to do then editing game film. Most video recorders like Sony has there own software that you can rate each clip. Keep clips short.

This worked very well for me. In football I started and stopped the camera on each play focusing in on my son through out the whole play instead of the whole field (like game film) where he could get lost.

We would watch the game the next day. I would get to hear what was going through my son's mind on each play as we watched. He immediately saw what he did good and commented on the not as good on how he would do this different next time.

As we watched we would (via software) give good play a 1 to 5 stars. This then let us group all them together when it came time to make the highlight video we just put the best ones first. Very simple. It must of worked because when we sent them he got 5 D2 scholarship offers within 5 hours. D2 was the only division he sent them to.

As a side note, what made me do our own video is our coach gave him a CD to take to a camp he was going to. I watched it and threw it in the trash, it was that bad. He now has all of his games to watch when he is older.

The benefits out weigh the cost, time and effort.

Drill videos, what a great way to demonstrate your skill.

Don't rely on anyone but yourself to edit your videos. Don't wait for your high school football coach to do it for you. Most don't have time or remember your best highlights.

Pay the small fee and get your Hudl videos to YouTube. Learn how to edit you videos. It's simple.

Why you should edit you own videos. Simple, you know what you did best and when you did it.

Make your football highlight video like a movie trailer. Put your best clips first. Give the coach a reason to watch. If it is exciting enough then the coach will probably watch it all.

Take your videos to the football coaches, don't wait for them to find you because they probably won't.

Needless to say videos is your way of to showcase yourself and it is in. Just think why YouTube took off.

Want to see a sample of how effective they can be?  Log in, make sure your email is correct then do a test drive. If it goes to your smart phone that's cool to, watch the videos when you get the sample. If you like the remarkable technology the login and read how we can do this for you.

Think like a football college coachâ„¢ topic! What would you do?

If you were a college coach you would review every video an athlete sent to you because they want to come to your school and you get paid to win (part of your job description). Athletes coming to you, directly are more likely to come to your school then ones you would go to some web site and try to find or a list of football athletes sent to you from some recruiting service because you know they will probably send the same list to others.

Athletes, cover all your bases, athletically and academically. Parents, you can be a big help now. eScout4u promise, we will never group you with other athletes and send to a coach. It is a strict one-on-one delivery.

With eScout4u you go directly to the coaches, no middleman, like other recruiting services.

    Again, print, share and discuss between parents and athlete! Use the information to plan your recruiting strategy.

    If you disagree or have other facts then email us. Thanks

Action needed on your part

Just as your success came by learning every aspect of your sport, it is equally important you learn about the recruiting process to be successful! read more...

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