How to get evaluated for a basketball scholarship

To begin you have to understand the only evaluation that even matters is from a college basketball coach.

However, to make matters worse for you is having a recruiting service tell you they will evaluate you and refer you to basketball colleges where they think you belong. STOP right here, think about this for a bit. Here are the problems with that kind of basketball evaluation thinking.

1) What is the basketball expertise / certification of the evaluator?

2) A good sales pitch to get you to talk to the recruiting service.  

3) What if they rate you and pitch you to the wrong basketball colleges? The colleges who wanted someone like you but still don't know you existed.

4) What if they lump you with other athletes to the same basketball coach?

5) Do you really think a college basketball coach will give a full ride scholarship to any athlete based upon a recommendation from a service sight unseen?

6) Point again, the only basketball evaluation that even matters is from a college basketball coach.

Another point, how will you or could you prove or disprove the recruiting service did anything? Maybe a good question to ask or quietly move away and chose another service.

Combines and camps is another debunked recruiting myth of college basketball coaches evaluating athletes.  They are needed to heighten the skills of athletes and to raise money for the college or organization putting them on or just to promote their shoes. Regardless, I sent my son to every one I could because they are great skill builders.

Beware, yes there may be basketball coaches attending camps or combines or just helping (coaches have to learn as well or part of their job) but you are so limited on the real decision makers. The old saying "Don't put all your eggs in the same basket" comes to mind. You need to do more to help assure your basketball success.

Compare, let's say your camp had 20 basketball coaches looking at everyone at once compared to eScout4u's presenting you to thousands of basketball coaches, staff and recruiters one on one (no one else included). Varies per sport, so Login to see how many we have for basketball.

Ask, or challenge the next person that want to evaluate you with this question - "Who makes the final decision on basketball scholarships, you or the collegebasketball coach?"  

Bottom line: "Evaluation for basketball" is a loosely tossed around. Evaluation is something you might believe will happen at a basketball camp or combine or by a salesperson patting you on the back knowing all the long it is a good way to get you to spend money. You don't need to be patronized, you need a basketball scholarship!!! College basketball coaches and only college basketball coaches will award scholarship, not a friend, referral, high school coach, club coach, combine event or recruiting service. The only evaluation that even matters is from a college basketball coach.


eScout4u eliminates all the problems above and take you one on one with college basketball coaches nationwide. Plus, you will have proof something was done. A claim no other recruiting service can make. Plus, Jan 2017 our success rate hit 98%. Login to see the details.

Think like a basketball college coach™ topic! What would you do?

If you were a college coach you would look at every athlete that comes to you just because your job depends on your winning record. So you have to do your best to pick a winning team. To do so every athlete that send you something is a candidate. You would then put them through you evaluation procedures and rank them for your position planning board. Even if they don't make the board they may be a walk-on.

Athletes, cover all your bases, athletically and academically. Parents, you can be a big help now.

    Again, print, share and discuss between parents and athlete! Use the information to plan your recruiting strategy.

    If you disagree or have other facts then email us. Thanks

Action needed on your part

Just as your success came by learning every aspect of your sport, it is equally important you learn about the recruiting process to be successful! read more...

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