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Unlike other recruiting services eScout4u informs you of all college scholarship recruiting facts!

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If you really want to increase your chances to be recruited for a scholarship then both athletes and parents must read and understand these facts.

  1. You will never get a scholarship from someone who doesn't know you exist.
  2. If you contact a coach from your email address and not through a service, a coach is more likely to open it and respond directly back to you.
    • We will show you how to eliminate the recruiting middleman! read more...
  3. The colleges that talk to you may not want you or offer enough scholarship money.
    • Want more scholarship money? We will show you how to leverage your scholarship opportunities' and negotiate the best deal. Just like Mike Oher in the movie Blind Side. read more...
  4. The influence of a high school coach, friend, acquaintance or a recruiting / scouting service may help get a look from a coach. However, if you can’t make it on their position planning board (PPB sample click here ) then what you end up with is “a look”, nothing more.
    • Understand how important position planning boards (PPB's) are to you. read more...
  5. It is in the coaches best interest to always look for better talent and fit, if found someone else on their position planning board (PPB) will get bumped down or completely off.
    • It is about exposure, exposure, exposure. "The barking dog gets attention." read more..
  6. No one on this earth could possibly know what every college coach in the United States wants, needs and thinks at any given time.
    • Other recruiting services claim they are in the know. Problem I see is... read more..
  7. A coach will never make their position planning board public, especially to a recruiting service.
    • Rarely, if never will they even tell a recruit prospect if they are number one... read more..
  8. A coach will never rely on a single recruiting service to provide the with candidates. Coaches will consider as many athletes as they possible can. They have staff and recruiters to assist them.
    • A coach has to produce like any other job. Coaches will look for .... read more..
  9. The final decision is made by the college coach, not a high school or club coach, friends, family or any one else.
    • After the coach evaluates the athlete.
    • Other services may want to "evaluate" you... read more..
  10. Getting a coach to respond is like getting a job interview; an athlete must get in front of as many coaches as possible. You never know when an athlete’s skills will be in the right place at the right time.
    • Anything less could cost you a scholarship. read more..
  11. eScout4u is the most cost effective (to you), persistent (to coaches) and accountable & transparent (to you) service that can and will get you noticed by college coaches.
    • Be Persistent, i.e. in football if you choose level 3 and it is before your senior year you will get up to 22,400 sends/chances to division(s) of your choice. read more..
  12. We see most recruiting services as just providing a reactive service acting as a "middleman" where eScout4u provides a proactive service sending/delivering you directly to all coaches, staff and recruiters nationwide in your sport a no middleman method.
    • My middleman point is, if you are using or considering other recruiting services look up a profile. Test it yourself. Do you see any contact information? If No, then the coach .... read more..
  13. Do it yourself (DIY) and try to save money or chose a recruiting service?
    • Warning! Trying to save you money may end up costing you 10 or 100 times as much if you have to pay for an education without a scholarship!
    • We have over 5600 football coaches, staff and recruiters .... read more..
  14. If you don’t start early, like now, you may never get started or arrive after many or all scholarships have been awarded. Don’t procrastinate!
    • Waiting till your senior year would be a huge mistake on your part. It doesn't cost to look to see how we will help .... read more..

    If you agree with these facts then we are the right recruiting service for you.

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