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eScout4u wants to help as many qualified athletes achieve their dream of playing at the college level. eScout4u Grants will be awarded to student athletes who deserve and need assistance. We are looking for student athletes that set examples to underclassmen and excel in the classroom, on the field and within their community. 

Grants recipients are selected weekly by our staff.

How to apply for an eScout4u Grant

  • Go to and create an account (no fees).
  • Once you create your account, check your email to activate your account.
  • eScout4u will then verify your profile.
  • Complete Grant Application to the best of your abilities. Print the PDF document and fill in the blanks.
  • Submit by mail or scan and email to
  • While you are in your account take our test drive to see how easy it is to get in front of college coaches.

About the eScout4u grant

The eScout4u Grants will financially assist deserving student-athletes. eScout4u will award a Level 1 scholarship recruiting service so the student-athlete can get noticed by college coaches on a national level for maximum exposure which includes:

  • Newsletters to help guide you month-to-month while in high school.
  • Assistance as you progress forward through our service.
  • A custom built Web Page Profile™ specifically for you including information about you, stats, accolades, video highlights and more.
  • The ability to send your Web Page Profile™ (WPP) to a division of your choice
  • Ability to send a timely follow-up letter after you send your WPP to coaches.
  • Access to our School of Interest™ so you can add schools you would like to go to as well as coaches who respond to you. Also, choose from our library of letters that you can use to respond to coaches.
  • All without a middleman, in other words all contact with coaches will be by you and between you so you will always know where you stand.
  • Our promise that we will never group you with other athletes to send to a coach.

eScout4u Grants are awarded based upon GPA, athleticism, leadership, community service and financial needs. 

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Do it yourself college scholarship recruiting vs. use a recruiting service

Recruiting services will increase your chances over a do it yourself (DIY) football scholarship recruiting. There is a lot of knowledge, tips and tricks that make you stand out above others. read more....

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