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If you don't read and understand this page your scholarship chances stand a good chance of going down the tube. This is one of the top reasons for eScout4u's 98% success rate (as of Jan 2017).

Every coach in all sports have a position planning board (PPB) and we will help you understand why it is so important to you.

Below is a an example of what a position planning board would look like. You want to be on as many as you can to increase your odds of getting a scholarship. Reason, you will probably never know if you're #2 or #11. If you think just because a school is looking, talking, visiting with you, that you will get a scholarship, you could be very disappointed on signing day.

Since coaches have a limit number of scholarships and a lot of prospective recruits they must keep track of how many will be available to give out year by year as noted in the first table below. i.e. We know that next year (juniors now) we need to fill 14 spots.


Current Year

Next Year
Year After
Year After

Year After

Scholarships expiring in each year can be used for recruiting in the next class

Walk-on athletes are indicated with a (wo) suffix. Redshirt and transfer athletes are displayed in red font. Athletes that have already used a redshirt year have an (*) suffix. Projected starters are bold-faced.

Current Year

Next Year
Year After
Year After

Year After

  1. Jim Broen (wo)*
  2. Cat Baliou
  1. Moses Allgate
  1. Tom Parker
  2. J M Pride
  1. Max Short
  1. Mark Gray
  2. Andy Martin
  1. Greg Marc
  2. Darren Stevens
  1. Tom Wright
  2. Lamar Eskridge
  1. Joe Dirby (wo)*
  1. Rob Eubanks
  1. Greg Dalton
  2. Dennis Bland
  3. Floyd Sprawl
  1. Shawn Curran
  2. Connor Keise
  3. Austin Thompson
  1. George Clark
  2. Alex Thomas
  3. Mark Leno
  1. Sammy McAvoy
  2. Harold Ensley
  1. Pat Horn (wo)*
  2. Jacob Worley
  1. Robbie Benson
  1. Sahr Jawar
  1. Jaba Nuygen
  1. Tyler Phongsavat
  1. Jake Radell
  2. Mark England
  3. Zach Ragoo
  1. Brandon Lenki
  2. Foster Grant
  3. Chris Butler
  4. Arthur Shitz
  1. Richard Gerre
  2. Tom Pride
  1. Ryan Glickstein
  2. Pete Goodall*
  1. Michael McGaul
  2. Jason Wells
  1. Jonathan Livingston
  1. Gary Rafferty
  2. Paul Kerney
  3. John Gabler
  1. Marq Simpson
  1. Shawn Campbell
  1. Jeffrey Bush
  1. Ed Story
  2. Deon Stroud
  1. Howie Stoner
  2. Jack Ryan
  1. Brandon Chelsey
  2. Wayne Shockey

By looking at the chart above you can see no Catchers are needed this year. But they are looking for Pictures and the coach may have 12 prospects they are looking at.

Pretend for a moment you are one of the 12 prospects. Important! Know that you can move up, down or even off the board depending on the talent that comes to the coach. Here is what will happen. The coach will probably be in contact everyone, some more contact than others depending if you are in the top 1 to 3. If those top 1 to 3 are interested in going to that college he may not even contact the others.

Here are some facts;

1) A coach will never make this public nor tell you where you stand on his PPB or even if you get bumped off. However, the coach may try to get you as a walk on. Why not, free players.

2) You must try to get on as many PPB's as possible. Why? Just because a coach contacts you doesn't mean you will get a scholarship. Just because you get invited to a camp doesn't mean you will get a scholarship.

Wake up!!! I have talked to countless number of parents and athletes that thought they were going to get a scholarship and didn't. Why? They thought it was for sure and quit trying to reach out to other schools. Great tactics for the college coach. They succeeded from isolating you just in case they was to pick you up and keeping you from their competition.

Question, would you rather be like the person above or like Mike Oher in the movie "Blind Side" where you have several coaches trying to win you over? I know, we all would like to Mike's position. So ask yourself, Do I want to gamble on the chance of my lifetime and only get in front of a few college coaches or hundred to thousands?

The new plan. get on as many PPB's as possible to increase your odds since you will never get a scholarship from someone who doesn't know you exist.

How, unlike other recruiting services trying to push you to schools that already have positions filled then it is huge waste of your money and time. eScout4u will get you noticed by more college coaches than any other recruiting service and prove it where others can't.
Remember, if you can’t make it on a coaches position planning board (PPB sample click here ) then what you end up with is “a look”, nothing more.

eScout4u offers many services to help you market yourself. One of the most important of these is our ability to create your own personalized, dedicated web page called a Web Page Profile™ (WPP) only available at eScout4u Once created, this web page is then ready to email to selected coaches. 

What would you want a coach to see when they open your email, an eScout4u Web Page Profile™ or this old dull email methodl (what others recruiters use)? 

Important! Our You Pick Search™ is only available at eScout4u

Choose any or all D1 (FBS), D1-AA (FCS), D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA coaches nationwide by division, conference and player position (i.e. OL, DL, RB in football only).

Then from your computer, email your Web Page Profile™ directly to the coaches you have picked.  This could also include your highlight video(s) as well, or print to your printer one of our many form letters available for your use.



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