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How to get noticed by college coaches

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How to get recruited for a football scholarship

Just like all other sports, getting an early start on your recruiting process will change the game for any student-athlete wanting a football scholarship. A couple helpful things besides starting early will include quality highlight film, being proactive in your search, and also attend camps and combines. Camps and combines will NOT get you a scholarship contrary to popular belief. Basically, they are there to gauge yourself against other same-caliber athletes. They will help, but getting national exposure is the most important key to success.

The most important aspect of being recruited might be exposure. It’s true you need talent, size, speed and strength but even if you rate very high in these attributes if the college coaches don’t know about you they can't recruit you.



Get noticed by college coaches.

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Important! Both athletes and parents must understand these recruiting facts no one really likes to dicuss. If you really want to play at then next level with a scholarship then click here to know the secerts. Also get help and guidelines getting recruited - NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA clearingouse and eligibility by clicking here

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Scholarship Recruiting Tip:

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