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How to get noticed by college coaches

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How to get a football scholarship

There are NCAA Division I / D1 football scholarships and Division II / D2 football scholarships for athletes for playing a sport. Division III schools may not offer any athletic scholarships. Generally, the size of the school dictates what division a school is in. Larger schools compete in Division I and smaller schools in II and III.

Division I football is further divided into the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS, formerly I-A) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS, formerly I-AA). FBS schools are allowed 85 scholarships, while FCS schools are allowed 63 scholarships.

Football has more full-ride scholarship than any other sport.

So what do you do next? Have you thought about your odds of getting a college scholarship? Are the scholarship odd better if you wait for college coaches to find you or should you be proactive? Read and learn (just don’t glance over) how to get noticed by college coaches and scouts.

This doesn’t mean that it is any easier to get a football scholarship, there are just many schools that offer them. Plus, with bigger teams than most other sports, there will be more scholarship dollars floating around in the end. Of course starting early can be your ticket to success.

Also, some things to keep it mind:

  • Take your ACT or SAT tests.

  • Maintain a high GPA throughout high school.

  • Contact college football coaches and let them know you are interested in playing football at their schools.

  • Become NCAA qualified if your want to play at a NCAA school.

  • Become NAIA qualified if you want to play at a NAIA school.

  • Attend football camps run by local universities and schools.

  • Take visits to the schools who are interested in you.

  • Keep in touch with the coaches that contact you.

  • Educate yourself about the recruiting process.



Get noticed by college coaches.

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Important! Both athletes and parents must understand these recruiting facts no one really likes to dicuss. If you really want to play at then next level with a scholarship then click here to know the secerts. Also get help and guidelines getting recruited - NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA clearingouse and eligibility by clicking here

We have yet to find anyone who disagrees with these facts. If you think differently, email why you think differently.

More scholarship recruiting info:

Scholarship Recruiting Tip:

Coaches will not let you know how many spots are left on the team. However, for free help, guides or guidelines, advice, how to's, or coaches expectations create a free account and learn as much as possible about college scholarship recruiting.

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