College Football Scholarships and Recruiting

Statistics show that about 8% (around 87,000) of 1.1 million plus high school football athletes will get recruited in 2016 to play football in college. Regardless of the limits you only need one. Not all colleges will offer a full ride football scholarship. Since athletic scholarship recruiting requirements differ between NCAA DI (FBS & FCS), DII and the NAIA or NJCAA your chances to receive a scholarship will depend on your academics' and athleticism. 

Getting recruited for a football scholarship

The football recruiting process should start early for the football recruit, communicate with college coaches to build a relationship, then keeping coaches informed as you progress through high school. Coaches may be restricted from contacting you, however you have no restrictions.

Understand that college coaches use a position planning board because competition is intense with many players competing for the same position. Notice on this example that coaches will put athletes they want to track from freshmen to seniors. Also, the football recruiting process for the vast majority of college coaches begin online.

Step by step process that will get you noticed if you are proactive.

eScout4u will show you how to be proactive to the max in order to get noticed by college football coaches and what you need to focus on as a high school athlete making the transition to play college football. Click the button on the left and get your free profile online. Add the football camps you attended, verified combine scores and stats, JV and varsity football stats, accolades', add your season schedule and any other information a recruiter or college coach would find valuable.

Bottom line: How to get a football scholarship? Start now and be proactive!

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NCAA D1 / FBS (1A)

Limited to 85 players can be under a scholarship at one time.  This mean that each college will only award about 25 new football scholarships each year as seniors roll off or others leave for various reasons. Average NCAA FBS per team size is 105 players in 128 colleges.


Uses the equivalency method (means they can be split into partial scholarships as long as they don't exceed the maximum allowed). Limits are 63 scholarships are allowed. Example: 63 full ride scholarships or 126 half / partial scholarship or the can divide it up by the average D2 per team size of 95 players in 124 colleges.


Can't offer scholarship money based upon sports, academics only. Average D3 per team size is 100 players in 170 colleges.

NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)

Uses the equivalency method (means they can be split into partial scholarships as long as they don't exceed the maximum allowed). Only 24 scholarships are allowed. Example: 24 full ride scholarships or 48 half / partial scholarship or 96 quarter scholarships.  NAIA per team size of 100 players in 91 colleges.

NJCAA (junior / community colleges)

Uses the headcount method. Scholarships are limited to books ands tuition.

Football Recruiting Services

Not all sports recruiting services are alike so compare before you spend your hard earned money.

Bottom line, if you want to get recruited for a football scholarship you must get noticed by college coaches and it is logical that a recruiting service like eScout4u, who can get your football profile in front of 5600+ college football coaches, is the best recruiting service choice for you future.


Recruiting Guidelines, by position, what college coaches look for is here.

Author: Don Sprowl

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How to get noticed by college coaches

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