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How to plan to be recruited for a athletic scholarship

Every parent we have talked to wants to help their athlete play at the next level and are willing to invest a lot of time and money to achieve that goal.

Common problem

The problem starts as the majority of parents don’t have the experience or knowledge to maximize their recruiting opportunities and fail to plan or allocate those scarce resources (time & money).¬†

Also parents and athletes try relying on what they hear from non-recruiting experts who have other jobs and duties like high school or club coaches, family, friends and relatives who may or may not have had successful recruiting experience.

Don't become a horror story! Don't try to save a dollar by doing it yourself, no longer does doing it yourself payoff! Check out our DIY article to find out why doing it yourself is no longer affective.


Those with a college degree earn about a million dollars more, according to government studies. A college degree should help you be a boss, not be bossed.


Start now! Even if you're a freshman. Every week that goes by and you do nothing only makes it easier for everyone else to take coaches scholarship money while you get nothing, regardless of your talent.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  1. What the cold hard scholarship recruiting facts are?
  2. How a coach’s position planning board affects your scholarship future?
  3. When does recruiting start?
  4. Where do coaches recruit?
  5. How do coaches evaluate a student athlete?
  6. What college level can you play at?
  7. Who is responsible to help you get a scholarship?
  8. What are core classes?
  9. What are the NCAA and NAIA eligibility requirement?

Don’t feel bad if you can't answer all, that's why were here. How successful you will be depends on learning these answers. Most learn as they go, this approach is not recommended. eScout4u, at no cost to you will help you learn and provide you with key information to important dates as you proceed through high school.

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