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How can I leverage one college against another for more scholarship money?

Leveraging is the best way to get more money.

If you are only on one or two coaches position planning boards nationwide your chances could be very slim to none on signing day.


We see this a lot on athletes that their parents try to do the recruiting themselves or when a high school coach tells an player that he has some connections with college coaches or that coaches will find you. WRONG!!!


Let your high school coach or club coach do what they do best, coach.

Then you nedd to be proactive and get noticed by as many coaches as possible. They more coaches you approach the more chances you have of making their position planning board and be on their list of prospects.

Once on the lists coaches will contact you. This is when you start leveraging by letting other coaches know what colleges are talking to you. Just like in the movie BlindSide.

Colleges like to know if their competition is looking at you because they hate for good talent to go to an opposing team.  Some schools will snatch players up just so they don’t have to play against them.

If you market yourself through eScout4u, you will increase your odds with additional exposure. Example; imagine your odds if you can get noticed by over 5600 football coaches, recruiters and staff, over NCAA (D1, D2, D3), NAIA and NJCAA.

Football - 5600, Basketball - 5700, Baseball - 2300, Soccer - 3200, Track & field - 3600 and so on.

This is why eScout4u has a huge success rate. If you want to be recruited to play at the college level you need to take action. Get noticed, get on coaches prospects, get recruited, get a scholarship, play at the next level.

What are you waiting for? Others to take your position because you might be a little lazy because all you want to do is play. Well I have news for you, you may have the talent, but you best get going on a scholarship recruiting plan that will work.

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