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Getting the right college recruiting exposure

This can dramatically change your scholarship results. Please read and understand it all.

Nothing in the world is better than you getting in front of all college coaches in the divisions of your choice. A proactive approach has always produced more results than a reactive approach. eScout4u is the only recruiting service that can deliver your athletic and academic talent to hundreds or thousands of coaches nationwide. Bigger nets catch more fish.

Max Preps, Rivals, Club sports, Camps, Combines or Accolades like making All State will not get you a scholarship alone.

eScout4u has blue chip athletes that use our service. Why? They want to leverage like Michael Orr did in the movie Blind Side.  In one example we have a wrestler who has not been taken down all season, think of that as a shutout, that’s big. 

Think about this:

Never are you one-on-one with a coach at Max Preps, Rivals, or any other online database. 

College coaches can’t see your highlights or anything about you personally, they simply display stats and some accolades. 

You are among many other athletes, sometimes hundreds. Don’t ever think a coach picks athletes by doing “Eeny, meeny, miny moe, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers make him pay, Fifty dollars every day…

You get the point!

So let’s eliminate Max Preps, Rivals, any other online database right off the bat if you agree with the next paragraph.

The best exposure is you delivering your highlight videos, stats, academics and accolades to coaches in a Web Page Profile™ that makes it easy to navigate through your information. They can’t misplace it and they can view it anywhere anytime like a smart phone. Give a coach a real chance to review your talent, eScout4u is the only service that can do this for you. 

So this leaves Club sports, Camps, or Combines. So let’s look at them one by one.

Combines are not something college coaches attend. They are busy preparing during the summer and they most always check stats when you visit. Coaches will test your ability when you go on an official or unofficial visit.

Camps are great to foster athleticism and to raise money for the college.  We have been to many. Camps invite a lot of athletes; we have seen hundreds at some football camps.  Generally only assistant coaches attend these since they are learning as well.  It is a rare occasion for a head coach to be at one.   There are a limited number of assistant coaches there. Realize that you are among many athletes and this is not the place to get any one-on-one time with a coach. Use camps for what they were intended to be, learning.  In short, camps are not a good place to get enough or quality exposure with a coach. Dollar for dollar camps are a bad choice for recruiting purposes. Pick your camps, save your money for some real recruiting.

Club Sports is just what it says, you get additional play time for your sport. Once again by the nature of its intent, club sports are there for more play time and to teach athleticism to athletes. We have talked to so many parents who have paid big bucks to get on elite hand picked club teams who travel and play all over the US. Think about this, you finally get to an event where there is suppose to coaches, maybe you get sick, injured or the coach doesn’t play you that much. However, the real reality is that most coaches already knew they wanted to see a particular athlete whom they had prior contact with. Dollar for dollar club sports are a bad choice for recruiting purposes nor are they good for getting maximum scholarship exposure.  Again, budget your money and leave enough for recruiting.

Rely on those who specialize in helping athletes get a scholarship. A recruiting service primary business is helping you get in front of college coaches. This brings us to recruiting services.

All recruiting services are not all alike. Sales hype is just that, so take the time to compare what each service offers (in black and white so you can read and study) without someone talking in your ear. Spend your money where you believe you will get the most opportunity to build relationship with coaches. eScout4u is the only service that lets you do a no-hype “test drive” for free before you commit to spending any money.

Let’s simplify recruiting. 

You want results. 

Results come from exposure. 

Exposure means getting your video highlights, stats and academics in front of coaches. Send hundreds or thousands (depending on your sport) of resumes directly to each coach that comes from you and not a recruiting service.

Like getting a job, you never know who is looking for your talent. Cast a wide net. 

The bottom line leads to only one method.   

The best exposure and this is important. The ultimate exposure would be delivering your highlight videos, stats, academics and accolades to coaches in a resume style Web Page Profile™ that is easy to use, where they can’t misplace it and they can view it anywhere and anytime even on their smart phone.  A Web Page Profile™ will let you control when and where it gets sent. A coach will be able to  immediately contact you directly without requiring them to login somewhere, just to get your email or phone number, its all on the Web Page Profile™. A service where you have the ability to send follow-up email letters directly from you to college coaches.

Give as many coaches as possible a real chance to review your talent. Having the ability to call you directly (no middleman) to decide what place you should be on their position planning board.

Get a service that eliminates the middleman and fosters a direct athlete to coach relationship and never an athlete to middle man to coach relationship.

eScout4u is the only service that can do all of this, plus much more. Create a free account and learn more and do more.


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