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Can I get a full-ride scholarship?

The NCAA D1 offers athletic scholarships to student-athletes in football, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and tennis. These sports are classified as “head count sports” because schools are required to offer full rides.

The remainder of sports within the NCAA D1, baseball, track (etc.) are considered equivalency sports and coaches can only offer a set number of scholarships per sport. But, college coaches can divide these scholarships up however they see fit. For example, if the coach only had 2 scholarships to offer, he/she could split one scholarship between 2 student-athletes and then offer the remaining scholarship as a full ride to an outstanding student-athlete.

Division II school sports are all considered as equivalency sports and therefore the same rules apply here as they do in D1 equivalency sports.

Division III colleges offer no athletic scholarships, but offer academic scholarship grant money or supplement costs by offering financial aid outside of the athletic department.

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