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How to get noticed by college coaches

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How do I get a Wrestling scholarship?

Colleges that offer wrestling scholarships have smaller budgets to make trips, and recruit effectively. If your in an area with a major wrestling college close to you, than you might stand a better chance at getting noticed. Might, is the keyword there. Just because your close to a college doesn’t mean they will even know you exist. If they don’t know you exist than their will be no wrestling scholarships given out.

Maintain a high GPA throughout high school.

Take your ACT or SAT tests early and retest as needed to obtain higher scores.

Get NCAA qualified if your want to play at a NCAA school.

Get NAIA qualified if you want to play at a NAIA school.

Contact local schools about Wrestling scholarships they have available.

Contact college Wrestling coaches and let them know you are interested in playing Wrestling at their schools and that you’re interested in obtaining a Wrestling scholarship.

Take visits to the schools who are interested in you.

Keep in touch with the Wrestling coaches that contact you.

Educate yourself about the Wrestling scholarship recruiting process.

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How do I get recruited for a Wrestling scholarship?

Collegiate wrestling programs are extremely picky due to the very small budget that they have to work with. So getting them to come watch your matches is a little more difficult than with other sports. Most of the time a coach will not take a visit to your school unless he has already seen your quality highlight videos. So create your highlight film, contact coaches, and most importantly start early.

Wrestling has become more popular but is still highly concentrated in the northeast. Like many sports there are scholarship opportunities outside those offered by the NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA. Be sure to check with the athletics department of the schools your interested in about these additional scholarship opportunities. You should also use social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter and You Tube to get your name out there. In addition many athletes use websites designed to help them contact Wrestling coaches or have Wrestling coaches contact them. Most of these sites offer some form of free exposure but in most cases free accounts have limited impact. You can also use a paid account at most of these sites, which can give you more exposure than what you get for free. If you choose to pay for your exposure it is recommended that you choose a site that can deliver your important stats, videos and awards to as many college Wrestling coaches as possible. Similar to looking for a job, the more prospects you have the better your chances of receiving a Wrestling scholarship.

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What are the academic requirements for Wrestling scholarship?

The academic requirements for wrestling scholarships vary by what level you want to play at and in some instances the schools you wish to attend.

  • Click here for information about the NCAA guidelines regarding academic requirements for wrestling scholarships.
  • Click here for information about the NAIA guidelines regarding academic requirements for wrestling scholarships.

Remember that some schools will have stiffer requirements than the minimums required by both the NCAA and NAIA. You should check with those schools admissions office for academic requirements to obtain wrestling scholarships.

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Am I good enough for a Wrestling scholarship?

You must ask yourself if you are willing to put the hours needed in to your wrestling career. Also, are you up for the challenge of the fast pace style workouts and endless practices?

Here are some things to ask yourself before committing:

Are you dedicated to the hard work you will encounter at any level?

Can you take direction and coaching well?

Will you be OK moving to any town and picking up with a new team?

Have you known for a while that playing collegiate basketball was your goal

Will you be able to keep your school work in order with the feeling of basketball being a full time job?

IMPORTANT: Don't over think this process and psych your self out!

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What are my odds of getting a Wrestling scholarship?

Wrestling scholarships are the hardest athletic scholarship to come by. Simply because the small number of schools that have active wrestling programs. Across the U.S. there is about one third the collegiate wrestling programs as compared to college football, this means far fewer scholarships are available. Not that it’s impossible, but it is very selective and typically you need to be in the top 25 of your weight class in your state.

The odds of playing Wrestling on scholarship at the NCAA Division I level are not that great and competition is intense. However if you’re willing to play at the NCAA Division II level, NAIA or NJCAA your chances go up dramatically because the amount of Wrestling scholarships available at these levels. In short, don’t limit your possibilities explore all divisions at the NCAA level, NJCAA and NAIA to increase your odds of getting a Wrestling scholarship. Also don’t forget about the numerous scholarships offered to prospective Wrestling players outside of the NCAA or NAIA. Contact the athletics department of the schools your interested in about these opportunities.

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How can I improve my chances of getting a Wrestling scholarship?

It helps to start early just like in any other sport! Also, in order to get your best foot forward you will need a quality highlight reel.

There are many things you can do to improve your chances of securing a Wrestling scholarship:

Keeping your GPA as high as possible.

Being pre qualified by the NCAA and NAIA.

Having high SAT or ACT scores, click here for information about where you need to be.

Improving your Wrestling skills, passing, endurance and speed etc. are areas you can work at and improve on.

Get your stats, videos and awards out to as many Wrestling coaches as possible, click here for more information from eScout4u about our effective, efficient and inexpensive two-step process to achieve this.

Be proactive when searching for Wrestling scholarship dollars.

Don’t sit back and wait until its to late, start early before your senior year.

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What’s the best way to get a Wrestling scholarship?

The best time to start planning for collegiate sports is your high school freshman year. Planning how the next four years of your life will go could be one of the single best things you can do for your future. Make a plan that wont be overwhelming to you at any one specific time, keep it manageable, space everything out so you don’t feel like your always in a time crunch. For starters, know the dates for ACT/SAT testing, know your GPA and make plans to take the ACT\SAT and improve your GPA. Once you have your plan and its set in motion, follow it and you will be on the road to getting a scholarship.

Important things to remember about wrestling scholarships

Below are the numbers of college wrestling programs at the collegiate level:

NCAA D1: 73

NCAA D2: 52

NCAA D3: 87

NAIA: 31


Total: 304

Number of wrestling scholarships awarded per year, per team:

Wrestling is an equivalency sport, which means scholarships are NOT full ride scholarships, coaches may divide the total number of scholarships allotted to them between as many athletes as they wish.

NCAA D1: 9.9          

NCAA D2: 9

NCAA D3: do not offer scholarships, but do offer forms of financial aid



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Get noticed by college coaches.

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